Evolution Consulting Ltd.

The Evolution Consulting Ltd. was established in 2007 with the aim of introducing truly innovative solutions in the field of human resource software. We mean a guarantee for success as we always offer customized solutions to meet our clients’ expectations. By the innovative thinking of our colleagues and the novelty of the solutions we use, we stand out from the companies in the same field. Our partners are fully satisfied with our own developed system modules, so they don’t even think about calling a competing company for help.

What do we believe in?

Our mission is to help you to work efficiently daily with our software support. By leveraging modern technology, we provide our customers fast response to the market, professional problem-solving skills, and high-level customer care. Thanks to the integrated support system of the hrMaster, it can make more streamlined, more transparent, easier to manage and report the corporate processes with high automation.

The hrMaster system modules guarantee the success!

A software can only provide really effective help to develop the company’s work processes if it supports the existing well-proven processes. According to this we offer not only an ’off the shelf’ software, but also a modular system which satisfies individual needs and solves problems.

High level of professional knowledge is essential for a successful and efficient system introduction!

Our colleagues have a wide range of experiences, so our team with HR experience, consulting experience, and high software development competencies will take over the burden from the introduction of the system to the implementation of it.  With the continuous support of our experts you will have a straight road to your business success!

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