Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the system operate?

It is up on the wish of our clients: it can be operated on premise or cloud based too.hető.

Does everybody have access to the system?

Our clients can decide what kind of permission they would like to grant for the customers.

Is the system available from everywhere?

The system is web-based, only internet connection is needed, but the system can be operated through internal network too, without external accessibility.

Are the employees able to edit their details?

It can be set according to the desire of our clients.

Can the leaders see eachother’s salary?

The answer is no, of course. The permission ensures the safety of the sensitive details.

Is the hrMaster capable to connect to other programs?

Of course we can ensure the communication with payroll systems and individual systems.

Can we implement individual requests?

Yes, we can implement individual wishes if our clients need them.

Can the details be taken out from the system somehow?

Yes, with the reporting module, every details can be sent into an Excel sheet with a few clicks.

Can the access be limited for the customers to reach their own details?

Yes, it can be limited.

Is the system compatible with the actual laws? (GDPR, Labor code)

Our software is always compatible with the laws.

Is it possible to scan CV-s with the system?

Yes, if the format is compatible with the system.

Is that possible to send an offer for the selected candidate through the recruiting process?

Yes, there is an opportunity to send an offer via using a template in the system.

Can the profile of the candidate be saved into the employees’ surface?

Regarding the integration between the modules, the profile of the selected candidate can be saved into the employees’ registration.

Has this software been developing currenty?

Yes, it is a modern web-based system, which has been developing in every 2 weeks. The modules and the functions have been flaring.

Is there a support team who can help the clients to fix the issues?

Of course, yes, there is a support team as it is agreed in the contract.

Is there any mobile application to reach the system?

There is no mobile app, but the webpage is responsive, and every part of the system is available through the the web browser on mobile devices too.

Is the software available on iOS device?

Yes, because the system is web-based, the operation is independent from the operation system.

Which browsers are supported?

The following browsers are supported by the system: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (the newer versions), but it can be used in every browser.

Is there any need to install something onto the device to be able to use it?

No, because the software is web-based, only the internet connection and the url address are needed to reach the software from any device (computer, mopbile phone, tablet)

Is the software available from outside of the office?

Our clients can decide to use the software only inside of the company network, or from everywhere.There is an opportunity by the recruitment module to make a setting which ensures the availability of the software from everywhere, against the other modules, which are avaliable onry throug company network. .

Can the employee log into the system too (not only the HR specialist)?

Yes, if the client decides to ensure the access also for the employees, and not only for the HR team.

How many level of permission can be set?

As many as desired by our clients.

Will the holiday requests be sent to the leaders?

Yes, everytime.

Is it possible to pull the details from LinkedIn profile to the hrMaster?

Yes, but only the determinete details can be moved.

Is the hrMaster software able to handle the work-related documents?

Yes, the uploaded document templates will be filled with the employee details by the system.

Are the holiday requests visible?

It depends on the permissions. (e.g. under the My team’s working time, the members of the team can see the holidays, but only regarding this membership.)

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