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Evolution Consulting Ltd. (3515 Miskolc Egyetemváros AFKI building 2nd floor.) (hereafter referred to as Evolution Consulting Ltd., Service Provider, Data Controller) as a Data Manager agrees to the contents of this Privacy Statement and is committed to providing its services all data handling in this data management prospectus and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

By browsing on the www. ( which is developed and handled by the Evolution Consulting Ltd.) webpage you agree to share  your personal data with us ( in case if you shared it with us) and agree to store this data for a specified goal and time.

Evolution Consulting Ltd.’s Privacy Statement provides a guarantee that your personal information will be treated confidentially and will take any security, organizational and technical measures that safeguard the security of your data.

The data management principles of Evolution Consulting Ltd. are contained in this Privacy Statement, which is in line with the current legislation on data protection, with particular reference to:


Managed data(not personal): Your IP address, your location, time, duration, and frequency of visits to These information will be used for statistical purposes and for development purposes of our webpage.

Some of our provided services ( e.g.: subscription to newsletter, requesting information)  require you to provide your personal data for our company.

The storage of the personal data happens in accordance to Act CXII. of 2011.

Your personal data will not be given to any third party. This applies to the mandatory data forwarding by the law which can happen only in special cases. The data handler will check   everytime if the data forward has a valid legal basis.


The data which is provieded by you can be used by the Evolution Consulting Ltd. for the following purposes (especially but not exclusively)

Providing of information about our events, products, services

Sending newsletters

Handling of customer orders

Handling of customer compliants

Analyzing of customer habits

The provided details during the registration or in other way ( e.g. subscription to newsletter, request for information)  will be used for the purposes above according tot he law.

Be sending the requested details the visitor allows the Evolution Consulting Ltd. to send newsletters to the given email address.

The provided data will be handled during the time od the data handling. If the purpose of data handling is over, the data will be deleted immediately.


The data will be stored till the request of deletion by the affected person.. The data will be handled by the Evolution Consulting Ltd. (3515 Miskolc Egyetemváros AFKI building 2nd floor.)


Our users can request for information regarding the handling of their personal data. The Evolution Consulting Ltd. provides information accordingly about e.g. the purpose, time, legal basis of the data handling.

The information can be requested in email on email address.

The users can request the correction of the personal data and the deletion through this email adddress.

In case of the usage of the webpage’s survice are not is not adequate, andd in case of the own request of the user the provided personal date will be deleted. The deletion will be made in 8 working days from the time when the deletion has been requested.


The legal basis of the privacy statement:

Regulation (EEC) No 2016/79 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Act CXII of 2011 on Information of Freedom

CVIII of 2001. Law on Electronic Commerce Services and the Information Society Services

Act XLVIII of 2008. Act on the Fundamental Terms and Limitations of Economic Advertising

This Privacy Statement is available on Evolution Consulting Ltd’s website at


Evolution Consulting Ltd. reserves the right to change this information at any time. In all cases, the affected persons are informed of the changes in due time.


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It’s important that these cookies report on the statistics about how to use the site without individually identifying visitors to Google. Google Analytics shows how visitors clicked on the site, how much time they spend and how geographically they are located.

In addition to reporting from site usage statistics, Google Analytics can also be used to show more relevant ads to Evolution Consulting Ltd. in Google services (such as Google Search) and across the Internet, as well as to measure interactions associated with ads served by Google Analytics.


Contact details of the data controller:

Name: Evolution Consulting Ltd.

Headquarters: 3515 Miskolc Egyetemváros AFKI 2nd floor

Company Registration Number: 05-09-014424

Name of court of registration: Miskolc Court of Registration

Tax number: 14020991-2-05



Data Management Registration Number:




Remedies: Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet Fasor 22/c., Hungary)

By visiting the webpage you contribute the data management and you accept the Privacy Statement.